About Me

Hello and welcome to KPBeads! My name is Kate
and I love to create beads, jewellery and funky cutlery with polymer clay. I was lucky enough to
grow up on a hill country farm in the central North Island of New Zealand. While
my Dad took care of the farm you would find my Mum hard at work in her pottery
room, this is where my love for craft and art began.

 After leaving school I decided to train as a 
chef, because I love all things food and cooking not just art and craft. After
working in the industry for a while I did a course in photography and then out
into the work force. I met my soul mate of 18 years and have had two lovely
girls. During this time I discovered polymer clay thanks again to my lovely Mum.
And that is how KPBeads was born.

I got very excited when I discovered polymer clay and all the amazing things that
could be done with it but it was beads that caught my eye. I am self taught and have been 
playing with clay for about ten years now, long enough I think to call my self a polymer clay 
artist and jewelry designer. I love trying out all the different techniques associated 
with polymer clay as well as creating some of my own. 

 Thank you for visiting KPBeads, I hope you enjoy my beads and jewelry
as much as I enjoy creating them.You can also find me on Facebook.

Your feedback is always most welcome so please do feel free to contact me.Come again soon.